What is Amicus?
Amicus began in 1980 as one of many programs of Young Life, an organization offering friendship to teenagers around the world. Through Amicus families from across the United States have hosted more than 1,500 exchange students.

What are the expenses of hosting an Amicus student?
Host families provide room and board, basic transportation and family activities. Students pay for their own school supplies and expenses, clothing, entertainment, shopping and extra curricular activities. Due to Department of State regulations, host families are not paid, but are rewarded with an experience of a lifetime.

What about insurance?
Amicus provides medical and accident insurance for each student while they are participants in the exchange program. Coverage exceeds the minimum required by the U.S. Department of State.

Do I need to make any special arrangements in my home?
It is best for exchange students to have their own room for privacy and rest as they adjust to a new culture, language, family and school. 

How long will the student live with my family?
The exchange year is about ten months. Students arrive approximately one week before school begins and depart mid-June for Young Life camp and a final session in Washington DC.

Will there be a language barrier?
No. Amicus students have had a minimum of three years of English, and most have had six or seven. The students are very motivated to improve their conversational English. Some have a transitional period before English becomes spontaneous, so it is helpful to speak more slowly in the initial months.

What kind of families work best for the Amicus program?
The best host families are flexible, faith-filled, have a love for teenagers, and a desire to reach out and share a home and life with others.

Do I need teenagers in my family to host?
No. All kinds of families can and do host. Some are families with teenagers, young kids or college-aged students. Even empty nesters enjoy hosting an international teen.

What if I have questions or problems during the year?
Each host family and student has a trained Representative to assist them throughout the exchange year. Your Amicus Rep will answer any questions and assist with any problems. It’s normal for host families and students to experience some adjustments during the year.

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