Amicus (ah-Me-cus) is a non-profit academic exchange program designated by the US Department of State to sponsor secondary school students on a J-1 visa. We have earned a Full Listing status by CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel). A copy of our current Certificate of Acceptance can be found CSIET-Certificate

The Amicus program has more than 30 years of exchange experience. Amicus has befriended more than 1,500 students from 33 countries. Amicus students are screened for fluency and proficiency in English. They must be of sound character with above average maturity. They are expected to interact well with both their peers and adults. Students are prepared for their year by trained Amicus Representatives in their home country and the US by the local Amicus Rep after arrival. Amicus students must respect the policies and guidelines of the host school including those pertaining to attendance, conduct, grade level, course requirements and school function. Amcius students must maintain a minimum “C” grade average. Amicus students are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to enhance the school environment.

Our US Representatives are trained adult volunteers from the local community who carefully select and screen host families, secure school enrollment and provide support for the student throughout the year. They conduct a host family orientation before the student arrives and then a student orientation early in the exchange year to help in the transition to a new home and culture. Amicus Representatives work in cooperation with the local school district and are willing to be educated in all school and district policies regarding exchange programs. The local Rep can assist your school personnel should a concern or issue arise.

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