Program Overview

The Amicus Program
Amicus is for students from ages 15 – 18 and includes a 10-month stay with an American host family and attendance at a local high school. Your US exchange begins in August and ends in June with a trip to Washington DC and a Young Life camp.

National Amicus representatives and Amicus graduates offer training to help prepare you for one of the richest experiences of your life. Through the training, you’ll learn how to discover a foreign culture and deal with challenges you may face along the way.

Host Families
Amicus relies on a trusted network of caring host families instead of advertising. Our experienced US Amicus representatives select families based on a thorough application. They get to know each host family as well as possible and work hard to find the appropriate family for each student.

Overseas Care
All of our US Amicus representatives are volunteers who do this because they love young people and want to create understanding between cultures. Your local Amicus rep is there to care for you and to help with any potential problems.

Returning Home
After you return home, you can reintegrate back into your home culture and share your experiences with other former Amicus exchange students through group meetings and weekend trips.

In addition, you have the opportunity to help prepare the next class of Amicus students, attend Amicus Reunions, service projects in Eastern Europe and leadership weekends with Young Life and Amicus.

Amicus International Student Exchange is accredited by the CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) and has the highest rating of “full” status as an exchange organization.

Site Transition August 15

Please visit to learn about Young Life Amicus. This site will be discontinued by August 15th 2019.